Leaders struggle to lead when they don’t follow this set of principles.

1. Equal is not equitable.

A sign of leadership immaturity believes you can treat everyone the same.

You can’t!

Leaders must manage individuals uniquely.

David Finkel compares it to parenting. You love all your children the same, but you parent them based on their unique personalities. You can’t effectively parent them the same way.

2. When you hire right, leading becomes much easier.

When hiring, you must know what type of person best fits the role, the top five job expectations, and their direct areas of responsibility.


The most important thing is keeping the most important thing the most important thing.

I’m never full.

Rarely satisfied.

It’s a great trait to have as an overweight football player, but not one for everything else.

In our daily lives, we’re never satisfied. We jump from one menial task to the next, like we’re at a buffet.

I use questions to give my mind a stiff uppercut and rattle it back to reality.

Questions help me pause, reflect and pivot back in the right direction.

We allow distractions at the expense of our most important priorities.

Gary Keller and Jay…

In some cases, it can make teams more unproductive.

It took me nine months to implement a new ERP system from one we’d been using since the 1980s. It would make the team more efficient, mobile and automate redundant administrative activities.

But it exposed our weaknesses.

Technology aids waste.

When people use technology, “it brings all the waste along with it,” says Ed Constantine.

As we migrated to our new ERP system, it exposed waste within our processes. Waste became a part of the technology.

The goal is of any productivity improvement is first to eliminate waste, not use technology to put on…

The persistent, non-stop, anxiety-inducing mental narration plagues every waking moment.

It attaches to your brain like a life-sucking leach. Just sit back and watch your mind go into overdrive. Most of us would be perfect candidates for an insane asylum if we vocalized all our mental chatter. Its purpose is to help make sense of what’s going on around you.

If you give it more time, your mind will never stop.

You re-create the world inside your mind because that’s within your control.

And boy, do we all love a little control.

The world, on the other hand, is not within your control.

“That is why you mentally talk about it. If…

It’s the leader’s top priority to learn what team members believe in and support the companies Big Objective.

Everyone must enthusiastically champion the direction of the company.

Without this, the company slowly eats itself alive from the inside out.

“Anyone not proactively supporting a chosen direction will consciously or unconsciously work to subvert it,” wrote Jason Jennings in his book Less is More.

To achieve company focus on the one big objective, destroy functional silos to build cross-functional teams.

Anyone who protects their silos must be replaced with team members who build productive business units.

If everyone is jockeying for position protecting their “department,” nothing becomes productive. Everything ends in waste.

The flatter the organization, the better.

A simple way to check…

There’s a massive difference between a spiritually-minded and a worldly person.

A spiritually-minded person can maintain objective awareness of their internal problems. They don’t lose themselves to external events.

I’ve been the passenger of a mental roller coaster ride more times than I’d like to admit–external events hijacking my mind to control every thought.

If you let it, it will happen every second of every day. “The voice inside your head wants to control the world, which it can’t,” says Deepak Chopra.

To free yourself of a mental hijack, you must watch your problems. You must become the observer.

Start by asking yourself, what part of me is being disturbed by this external event?

Once you’ve identified…

Job offers are an ancient business practice.

They feel like “legal” formalities with a squeeze of bureaucracy. Sign here, here, and here, but remember, you have a three-day deadline to sign or else.

Instead of a job offer, I prefer to have a job celebration conversation in-person or on a video call.

Here’s what that looks like:

Money: Pay and benefits should be no surprise. If it is, you failed as a hiring manager.

“If we offer you a position and the salary is $x, is that in line with you?”

Timeline: Take a little time to discuss the growth…

Leading indicators are indicators that change before a business or economy as a whole change.

They’re activity-based indicators that show the health of a system in advance of the outcome.

In business, revenue is a lagging indicator, while daily prospecting calls or weekly recruitment phone interviews are leading indicators.

Goals are realized when they’re built on an executable system performed daily.

When you establish a daily system, you make incremental improvements that compound over time.

That’s why I try to compress all my goals down to the day. I execute them as part of a daily or weekly system.


You must solve a perplexing problem for clients.

Over a decade ago, my company made this fundamental sales error. We focused all our attention on selling aircraft parts. Flop. Boring.

In a world where everyone has inventory and wants to push stock, it was hard to create immense value for our clients. We were a commodity supplier.

Once we changed our core objective to make it ridiculously easy to do business with us for our core clients, things began to change.

We realized we couldn’t be everything to everyone, so we invested heavily in the clients we could create immense…

The electrification of aircraft, data science, and deep analytics will impact every corner of commercial aviation.

Here are a couple of its benefits.

Electrification provides better reliability.

It reduces the number of moving parts which leads to fewer failures and increased reliability. Electric vehicles will have half the maintenance costs of petroleum-powered counterparts.

Most of the reduction in costs will come from the future of electric power and drive systems.

Electrification provides better data.

According to Aviation Week, “Accenture’s research shows airlines and aftermarket providers agree that data-driven predictability and process visibility are critical to their mutual success.”

Over 90%…

Nate Anglin

Investor + CEO @ Skylink Group. Optimize Lifes Potential: www.nateanglin.com

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