Turning Troubles into Empowering Triumphs: 5 Proven Tips to Counter Victimless Victims in Your Team

Nate Anglin
2 min readMay 22


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Are you tangled up in the quagmire of victimless victims in your company?

Those special team members who, despite their potential, seem more adept at creating a cloud of negativity than helping the team flourish?

Ah, yes, I see your knowing nod, and I, too, have and will continue to struggle with this. It’s a unique part of human behavior.

Here are five proven tips to counter this dilemma and send those victimless victims packing, or at least ideally, into a more productive mind space.

1. Open communication:

It’s like sunlight to the vampire of a victim mentality — it can’t stand it.

The dark corners where excuses and blame lurk get blasted with the light of dialogue and accountability.

Pull up the blinds — don’t let gossip and whispers kill your company.

2. Be strict about standards:

People are hired to produce results within the bubble of a company’s unflinching core values.

Therefore, you must regularly hold your team accountable to standards.

No negotiations.

No excuses.

No exceptions.

3. Build empathy:

It’s your secret weapon against stubborn silos.

Teams that understand the ‘who’ behind the ‘what’ perform better, period.

So, give them repeated lessons in empathy — have them do someone else’s job if you must.

4. Strength focus:

Hey, we’re not all sticks and no carrots. Celebrate your team’s victories.

Just remember, don’t coddle them. It’s a fine balance between being their biggest fan and their most honest critic.

Show them their strengths, but also give them a mirror to see where they need to improve.

5. A growth mindset:

This isn’t fluffy, motivational mumbo jumbo.

It’s a hard-earned skill. Foster a culture of learning, adaptability, and growth. Teach your team that growth isn’t given; it’s earned.

Show them their career path/s.

So, there you have it, five concrete steps to turn your team from victimless victims to self-sufficient superheroes.

With these tips in your toolkit, your team won’t just survive; it will thrive!


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