The Single Biggest Reason Introverts Fail In Business

The solitude you seek is the demise of your career

It’s frustrating. Your introversion. You know in order to succeed, you’ll need the support of other people.

But it takes a toll on you. You get stiff. You clam up. And you do nothing. It’s your Achilles tendon.

The weakness that will fail you in business.

It could be worse.

Imagine if you were ADD and introverted.

Your mind races.

From one topic to the next. And yet, around large groups of people, you get drained. You may even describe this person as a sociopath.

That’s fair.

I’d like to introduce you to him…

My name is Nate Anglin, a CEO of an 8 figure international corporation, with a type A personality, incredibly ADD, and introverted. I won’t go into detail about my ADD as I’ve written about it here but you should read it!

If we ever met, you’d be sure that I was extroverted. Outgoing. An excellent networker, not afraid to talk to anyone. In some respects, you’d be right. But you wouldn’t see the aftermath.

The retreat into my dark abyss.

Starting in business, I had to earn my spot. I had to attend conferences, cold call potential $100k+ clients, present in front of multiple decision makers, travel to other countries in pursuit of the next deal, give company presentations, and do what it took to succeed.

You’re no different.

This is the single biggest reason you’ll fail as an introvert in business.

Being introverted closes you off to other people. To important game-changing opportunities.

I find solace in being alone. It’s how I recoup. How I reenergize.

But, the most significant thing that was going to restrict me from success was my inability to be more outgoing.

More social.

I never liked large conferences or a mass group of people. I still don’t. It makes me edgy.

Uncomfortable situations make me, well, uncomfortable.

But, I’m forced to fake it until I make it. I have to suck it up.

Just do it.

“There’s no growth in the comfort zone. -Unknown”

It’s vulgar, but I often tell myself in these situations, “don’t be a bitch.”

Harsh? Sure. It works!

As you clamor to your introversion. Know, you’re blessed, but fix the thing that’s restricting your success.

As you retreat into solitude, know that it’s okay. In fact, balance and reenergizing is a great thing.

But, don’t use your introversion as a crutch. As a way to not be active in the business. To be social with other people. To make a name and life for yourself.

Don’t be so closed off to the world that you’re not willing to sell your value as a human.

Pick up your big girl/boy pants and get out there. You can recharge tomorrow. Or tonight.

But right now, go find opportunities.

Not being social and living in solitude, avoiding uncomfortable situation will be the biggest thing that fails you in business.

Don’t let it happen.

Get out of your comfort zone! Today.

Nate Anglin is the CEO of Skylink Group (Skylink International & Skylink Defense), founder of JetFuel Coffee Co. and an avid practitioner of his personal websites purpose, “A CEOs Journey To Escaping A Rotten Life: Growing The Mind and Body To Be Great In Business and In Life.”

Investor + CEO @ Skylink Group. Optimize Lifes Potential:

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