Isolation or Distraction? 5 Robust Reasons Why a Hybrid Work Model Is the Answer

Nate Anglin
3 min readMay 1

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After the pandemic, I used to think remote work was the solution to many of my business challenges — I was wrong.

Working remotely is incredible and comes with many benefits, but as they say, with every action, there’s a reaction, and my team felt it. In our 2023 culture survey conducted by our People Operations team, a reoccurring theme presented itself:

People are longing for more in-person time with fellow team members.

The pandemic forced many businesses to embrace remote work, but it has drawbacks. For example, many remote workers struggle with isolation, lack of motivation, and decreased collaboration. On the other hand, in-person work has its challenges, like life-wasting commutes, silly costs, and unlimited distractions.

So what’s the solution?

I believe the best teams embrace a mix of both remote and in-person work. Here are 5 reasons why:

Increased Productivity: Mixing remote and in-person work allows your team to optimize their work environment. Some tasks are better done in-person, while others can be done remotely. A study found that workers who split their time between the office and remote work were the most productive.

Better Collaboration: While remote work has made it easier to work with people across the globe, it has also made collaboration more challenging. In-person work fosters a sense of community and allows for more spontaneous interactions, leading to new ideas and better teamwork. And we’re human, after all. Physical connection is built into our DNA — unless you’re an alien.

Improved Mental Health: Remote work can be isolating and lonely, increasing stress and anxiety. Some people need more physical time with others (I’m not one of them). In-person work provides social interaction, reduces isolation, and increases mental health.

Higher Employee Satisfaction: Mixed work gives employees more control over their work…

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