How To Be Healthy In An Unhealthy Office

Simple tips to avoid the slow death of your unhealthy coworkers & launch your career into the stratosphere

Photo by Zach Miles on Unsplash

Preventable damn it.

Snacking on crappy food kills your energy. You know what I’m talking about. The yawning, the post-mortem sugar crash, the afternoon “slump.”

Me, my stand-up desk and my handy mug that a team member got me for Christmas. How sweet!

One of the best ways to keep your body healthy and the blood flowing is to stand up.

Going on a break? Go walk. Going to lunch? Walk. Need to speak to a coworker? Walk.

The best Cookie Monster on Giphy.

One of the most significant mental shifts is to start tracking your food intake.

A less stressed you is a more productive you. A more productive you is less likely to pound the office box of cookies.



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Nate Anglin

Small Biz Investor, CEO, & helping others improve their performance, profit, & potential w/out sacrificing what’s most important.