From Fear to Fortune: 5 Effortless Strategies to Embrace and Flourish with AI

Nate Anglin
2 min readMay 17, 2023

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the fear of AI will keep small businesses from realizing their true potential if leaders don’t embrace it.

Letting fear or ignorance blind you from reality will be painful.

Before long, you’ll realize you’ve looked into the car’s headlights for too long before you could jump off the road, and smack, you get crushed by the truth.

The unknown is intimidating, and change, especially when things are well, let’s face it, scares many of us. But change is life; as Buddhists have preached for millennia, nothing is permanent.

But it’s time to break free from fear and explore opportunities of AI.

AI begins with education and familiarization. Take the time to learn about AI technologies, demystify misconceptions, and understand their practical applications. Look at the pros and cons.

Start with small steps. Implementing simple automation allows you to experience the benefits firsthand…



Nate Anglin

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