Feeling Stuck? Why You Must Embrace Difficult Tasks to Unleash Your Full Potential

Nate Anglin
2 min readMay 12

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I used to be trapped in a cycle of mediocrity until I discovered the transformative power of embracing difficult tasks.

I’ve transformed my mind and body into regularly doing things most people hate, which has changed my life.

Life isn’t meant to drive to work or, now, flip open a computer, type on a keyboard, and call it a day.

In our modern world, depression and anxiety are rampant. It’s no coincidence that these mental health issues are often linked to feeling untested and unchallenged.

That’s where the concept of “misogi” comes in — an ancient practice that involves undertaking a task so difficult that success is uncertain, but growth is guaranteed.

Stepping out of comfort is a catalyst for growth.

Studies have shown that confronting risk, fear, and danger can benefit our mental health.

By willingly subjecting ourselves to optimal stress and discomfort, we can build character, enhance self-esteem, and develop psychological resilience.

While organized urban marathons or team sports have their own merits, they often pale in comparison to the transformative power of outdoor tests. The toughening process that comes with facing nature head-on can leave us better equipped to deal with the many challenges life throws our way.

We expose ourselves to new stressors that promote personal growth and development by stepping out of our modern, sterile environments.

But you don’t need to hike 2,200 miles, go elk hunting on what appears to be an alien planet or run a marathon barefoot in a Middle Eastern desert.

Instead, step outside your comfort zone every day and push your limits.

  • If you hate speaking, speak.
  • If selling makes you cringe, learn how to sell and start selling.
  • If you don’t like tough workouts, there is even more reason to work hard.

Taking that first step toward becoming the best version of yourself requires you to embrace difficult challenges — unless you want to be like everyone else.

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