Feeling Stuck? Why You Must Embrace Difficult Tasks to Unleash Your Full Potential

Nate Anglin
2 min readMay 12, 2023

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I used to be trapped in a cycle of mediocrity until I discovered the transformative power of embracing difficult tasks.

I’ve transformed my mind and body into regularly doing things most people hate, which has changed my life.

Life isn’t meant to drive to work or, now, flip open a computer, type on a keyboard, and call it a day.

In our modern world, depression and anxiety are rampant. It’s no coincidence that these mental health issues are often linked to feeling untested and unchallenged.

That’s where the concept of “misogi” comes in — an ancient practice that involves undertaking a task so difficult that success is uncertain, but growth is guaranteed.

Stepping out of comfort is a catalyst for growth.



Nate Anglin

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