Are You Rotten? How To Audit Your Return On Time To Live The Life You Deserve

Nate Anglin
11 min readJan 8, 2023

Imagine waking up knowing it’s the last day of your life.

You take one of your last deep breaths and begin to reminisce. You start remembering your childhood, your first date, your first crappy job, your child’s birth, your wedding day (maybe night), and everything in between life’s precious moments.

You then wonder, “where has my life gone?”

You think, “I’ve done nothing.” “I have some success but at the expense of so much.” You realized all you did was live to wake up, to eat, to work, to drink, and to sleep. You became a lion locked in life’s cage.

You’ve become ROTTEN.

I’ve been there.

I wanted to succeed in business so badly that every waking hour of my day was consumed by grinding. Or the more cliche term, “hustling.” But over time, I noticed I had lit the torch and set my wick on fire, which ruthlessly burned from both ends.

I built a prison, not a business (or career).

Sure, this was an essential lesson in my life and a pivotal milestone in developing and growing as a unique human — but it’s painful to look back and see the areas I had neglected.

Whether this is your last day or not, this one question has transformed my life, and I know it can for you too.

But before we get to that question, you must remember:

The only moment that matters is right now.

It’s the most crucial time of your life.

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is never guaranteed, so the best time to be alive is at this very moment. Don’t let yourself ROT. You have to seize the day and invest in what matters the most.

If everything is important, then nothing is, so you might as well focus on what matters the most.

Often, this comes with making hard choices.

You have to say NO to most things to say HELL YES to everything else.



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