Great managers are great with people.

The surprising part is, they likely struggled at first. I know I did. And sometimes still do. To be a great manager, you must put your ego aside and focus on the team that you’re managing.

Focus on fixing these five common management mistakes.

Mistake 1: Overcontrolling

Being a control freak is created by fear, the anxiety of feeling “out of control,” or the desire to feel needed.

Realize, you don’t need to control everything, especially in low-risk environments.

Mistake 2: Abdication

Abdication is when you delegate something important passively or abruptly.

You abdicate for four reasons:

  1. You respond emotionally…

Building redundancies into your systems protect you from the days when a component of your business, or life, has a dire failure.

What is a redundancy?

Redundancies act as an insurance policy for a given system.

They’re designed to help avoid a single point of failure that can potentially compromise an outcome. For redundancies to work, they must function independently. They must be designed to continue operating even if a component of the system fails.

Many of the systems on an aircraft have redundant parts, so if one part fails (a point of failure), the aircraft keeps operating safely.

But beware, redundancies have problems of their own.

Redundancies obey the law of…

Life’s best journeys are when you explore the unknown; if you don’t let fear cripple you.

All progress starts in dark rooms. Yet, so many of us fear the dark. As if the dark was going inject its fangs into the back of our necks. Life offers more when we treat uncertainty as a friend — when we embrace it.

Most journeys into the unknown are reversible. “You can walk through, see how it feels, and walk back through to the other side if it isn’t working,” writes Richard Branson.

Embrace uncertainty.

Luck favors the prepared.

“When you feel helpless, you’re far more afraid…

You’re only as good as the value you create.

A legacy sales approach will ask the prospect, “what’s keeping you up at night.” But the modern approach is making a statement of “this is what should be keeping you up at night.”

No prospect wants to ramble a long list of their problems to you. Instead, they want you to know their issues and have ideas of how to help them overcome these challenges.

As a sales professional, you must position yourself as someone who sees into the prospect’s future.

Value creation.

You improve your prospecting results by increasing the value you…

Improving sales results is easy if you focus on the right things.

Focus breeds results. Sales teams fail when they have a commoditized pitch, don’t trust the daily process, get distracted by non-sales activities, and have inferior goals.

Let’s improve your sales goals right now:

Establish better sales OKRs

An OKR (Objective and Key Result) was created to consistently focus on the right things and improve results every quarter.

The objective is your goal, clearly expressed as a bigger picture item. Your key results are three to five results that track the progress of the objective.

In sales, you only need two OKRs to…

You can die on purpose to live your best life, moment by moment.

My brain will hold me captive if I let it. Thoughts race around my mental track colliding into whatever they try to pass. It’s these persistent, constant, nagging thoughts that limit my ability to appreciate the most precious moments in life.

It’s stressful.

Die on purpose to the rush of time.

To live for right now, you have to make a conscious effort to stop.

You have to shift away from being mode. Just watch this moment. Don’t try to make it something. Don’t try to change it. Just be.

This is present-moment awareness.


Managing team members dedicated to growth is easy when you don’t make stupid leadership mistakes.

I’ve encountered each one of these mistakes as I’ve ventured through my leadership journey. Some, I was able to overcome; others were painful.

Avoid leadership pain through the understanding of these five mistakes:

1. Show don’t tell: Don’t be fooled into believing they’re a role player. Their behavior is what proves they’re a grow player, not their words.

2. Don’t be a busy body: If you don’t invest the time to manage your grow players well, then you’ll be forced to make time to handle…

Coaching for development is as easy as watering a plant a couple of times a week.

All great players have a great coach. They rarely become great on their own.

Follow these six rules to coach your team for development:

1. Select, don’t coach if they haven’t bought in.

You shouldn’t want someone to grow and develop more than they do.

Don’t invest extra energy time into people who don’t want to grow. It takes 2–3x the energy to coach someone for development than results.

2. Ask, don’t demand.

Don’t give your team all the answers or tell them what to do.

Ask questions, so they think for themselves. For example, “If you…

When done right, your direct report one-on-ones should produce incredible results.

In a recent interview I had, a junior sales candidate mentioned he’d like his “boss” to be a mentor as he wants to continue to get better. Your team needs a leader who encourages, supports, and pushes them. A weekly one-on-one is a perfect time to develop your team and hold them accountable for what matters the most.

If you’re wondering how a one-on-one is structured for maximum impact, here it is:

1. Connect and quick update. (3–5 min.)

Ask your team member, “Why don’t you quickly brief me on your OKR(s).”

Get them actively involved…

Don’t create demand; channel it.

Being intentional and strategic on what market you choose to operate in is the difference between successful and not successful. Your business needs to be positioned in a market that gives it the highest chance of success.

When deciding on a market, look for these four indicators:

1) Massive Pain

The ideal client must not just want but “desperately need” what you’re selling.

Pain is anything that frustrates people about their lives. “When they hear the solution to their pain, and inversely, what their life would look like without this pain, they should be drawn to your solution,”…

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