5 Proven Tips to Hire the Best Employees in Less Than 1-Hour Per Week

Nate Anglin
3 min readMay 24

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I remember my first hire — it took me days to decide, and it ended up being a royal disaster.

Navigating the hiring process can feel like you’re venturing through a thorny maze, blindfolded — you stumble, fumble, and tumble before you see the light. Or, you never escape alive.

But don’t panic! This isn’t another bore-you-to-death hiring guide. Instead, I’ll share some hard-earned wisdom that will transform your hiring process:

1. Your job expectations need to be as clear as a Hawaiian beach on a sunny day.

This isn’t about whipping up a job description you asked AI to write for you — but about creating an image of the ideal candidate in vivid detail.

Do you need a Sales Rep or an Account Executive with 5 years of technical sales experience, an excellent presence in front of others, and a proven track record of working well with internal departments?

Those expectations are vastly different.

2. Regularly post jobs to ignite inbound candidates.

There’s no need to unleash a flock of doves in a shopping mall; look where your potential hires hang out online and regularly post job openings there.

Maybe it’s Indeed, LinkedIn, or a specialized technical job board. Whatever it is, fish where the fish are.

And remember to create screening questions to filter out people who don’t fit your ideal candidate profile.

3. Create a semi-automated outbound talent outreach system.

Nate Anglin

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