5 Potent Standard-Setting Benefits to Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential

Nate Anglin
2 min readApr 25

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When a business doesn’t have high standards that everyone embodies, mediocrity and poor performance infect everyone.

I’ve seen firsthand the damaging effects of unclear standards. It’s one of my greatest business failures as a leader. But it’s also one of my greatest lessons — learning how crucial it is for everyone to embody and uphold company standards.

Without them, the entire organization fails to reach its full potential:

Benefit 1: Standards provide direction and accountability.

Teams struggle to meet their goals and expectations without clear standards, leading to low morale and decreased productivity. Standards set the direction for everyting.

Benefit 2: Standards provide consistency.

With the right standards, your team will know exactly how they’re expected to perform, the same way every time. There’s no guessing. Additionally, clear standards dramatically improve customer satisfaction and loyalty as customers receive consistent service.

Benefit 3: Standards create ownership.

Individuals understand their role in achieving the organization’s goals, leading them to take pride in their areas of responsibility.

Benefit 4: Standards help the team focus on what’s most important.

There’s no shortage of distractions and noise. But, with the right focal points, teams can feel comfortable saying no to what’s not essential, so they can say yes to focusing on the standards that matter.

Benefit 5: Standards help you measure performance and improve.

When you track what’s important, eliminate waste, and continuously improve, it leads to increased profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and continued success for the business and everyone in it.

The companies’ standards are the North Star for everyone:

If you focus on everything, you focus on nothing, so you and your team must focus on what matters most.

Start by listing the specific actions necessary for you to achieve your company mission. What daily habits must occur? What critical KPIs must be achieved?

Then, document and track the essential 5–10 standards (KPIs) to ensure the team gets there.

Nate Anglin

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