5 Critical Lessons All Managers Need To Inspire And Motivate Their Teams

You’ve found that right person to add to your team, now keep them, here’s how…

A peek into Glassdoor and the ugly truth of my leadership past. If you’re not going to lead, then step aside.

My termination procedure was all wrong. I would wait until the steam was boiling inside my body, and steaming from my head.

If you’re going to lead, then lead. Be an amazing coach. If not, step aside, as I did.

Put the right people in the right seats so you can do your j-o-b.

How you hire matters. Not everyone gets your values.

It’s not about who you hire. It’s about how you hire.

If you have a specific culture and values, you’d be silly not to hire based on these merits.

For example, one of our values is building a team-oriented approach. So we look for areas in the interview process that demonstrate this.

Turn micromanagement into coaching.

Everyone hates micromanagement.

You don’t enter a game without a coach. The same goes for your career and your team.

Coaches provide planning, training, feedback, correction, and accountability.

Communication is the backbone of your managerial success.

If you can’t communicate, then you can’t manage. Period.

  • Written.
  • Non-verbal.

Develop your team and be sure they’re rowing in the same direction.

Your team needs constant development. Development as it pertains to the current job but also skills they want in the future.

  • Do they know the mission?
  • Do they know the values?
  • Do they know your near term goals and how they’ll help get the company there?

It’s not always going to work out. Terminate with integrity.

I’ve had to fire more people than I’d like to admit.

No, this isn’t a badge of honor. I’m not proud knowing what I know today, but it’s taught me a lot so I can avoid it in the future.

There are times when you made a bad hire, the fit wasn’t right, or you just have to part ways for whatever reason.

Investor + CEO @ Skylink Group. Optimize Lifes Potential: www.nateanglin.com

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