3 Essential Steps To Win More Business With Better Opportunity Creation

Without sales, your business will fail.

Opportunity creation is essential to any B2B team providing a high-value product or service. A reactive sales team who waits for magic to strike aren’t true sales professionals. They have to create magic.

They create magic when a sales manager coaches them effectively.

1/ Targets and territories

Sales managers must first coach targets and territories.

Your teams must know who they’re pursuing and why. Chasing anyone with a pulse is ineffective. In my company, we coach our Account Executives to pursue targets in various countries who fly a specific aircraft — usually small to medium-sized operations.

We focus relentlessly on our ideal client profile.

2/ Effectiveness

Sales reps must know how to create value in every interaction.

If they’re not of value, then potential clients won’t want to speak with them. They have to know how to compel clients to change. You coach sales reps on their effectiveness so when their activity increases, they can create more opportunities.

The outcome of prospecting is a meeting, and the successful outcome of a meeting is a new opportunity.

3/ Activity

All sales managers must coach their sales reps on how to increase activity.

Without daily activity, sales is a reactive game. Activity happens every single day. Sales reps must know how to execute an outreach sequence using multiple mediums.

But activity without being able to create immense value is a waste — it’s annoying.

Hold your sales team accountable by putting more emphasis on opportunity creation.

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