1 Superior Training Template For Managers To Massively Improve Their Skills And Take On Bigger Roles

Nate Anglin
4 min readSep 18, 2023

In my early days as a manager, I felt ill-equipped to handle the complex responsibilities I’d face in my career.

I fell into a pit of distraction, trying to juggle too many balls. I wasn’t alone. Small businesses worldwide echo similar feelings.

The problem?

People don’t have the skills to execute at the level of their current responsibilities.

It’s called The Peter Principle, which states people in a hierarchy rise through promotion to their level of respective incompetence. Competent people who are highly skilled at one role will eventually be promoted into positions where they’re incompetent.

And the scary part is, they’ll remain there because they do not show any more competence for further promotion.

This is true whether you’re an individual trying to hustle your way up the ranks, a leader, or a business owner who tries to do it all.

Traditional training doesn’t cut it.

I stumbled around, even after getting an “MBA,” which was supposed to prepare me for the business world. I needed something new, dynamic, and in line with our fast-paced world — not some ancient textbook.



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